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Autumn Footage

When we filmed THE LAST WITCH in Salem, Massachusetts recently, we were in awe of the foliage. The colors were incredible! What an opportunity to film extra material for the documentary!

When we film, we make sure to capture material that is needed for inserts. That includes nature, houses, and artifacts that will help to tell the story. We filmed some of that this time, but will be filming more next year before we finish the film.

That way, we will have filmed material that can help us tell a well rounded story as it evolves over the year. Of course, Elizabeth Johnson Jr’s story, as we know it, will primarily take place in late summer, when she was arrested and examined (September, 1692), and winter, when she was convicted as a “detestable witch” (January, 1693). Much of the journey to exonerate her takes place in late spring and summer 2022, so we need separate scenes to show that.

We are editing a rough cut!

Creating a documentary is similar to writing an essay. Everyone has a different system for doing it, but it starts with organizing ideas, finding the central themes and outlining the story.

Right now Elika (editor) and James (assistant editor) are working on creating chunks of organized material to make it easy to work with while Annika (director) works on outlining the story and Dawn (producer) organizes our paperwork. Some of the themes that we are “chunking together” include Elizabeth Johnson Jr’s own story based on what we know about her from 17th century documents, the road to exoneration, and current day impacts like women’s rights.

Meet our new assistant, Jodie Younse!

Hi, I’m Jodie Younse. Hailing from the San Francisco bay area, I graduated from San Francisco State with a BA in Cinema and a passion for imagery. I have more than 15 years of experience in the world of still photography having occupied every position of the artform but mostly on the organizing and admin end for entertainment. I’m excited to be joining The Last Witch team as the assistant to the producers!

Welcome, Jodie!

Jodie knows how to have fun like she did at the Women in Media Masquerade Ball where she stepped in for Annika who was sick. Jodie looked amazing as you can see in this photo by Allison Vanore. On the right you see her great smile, unmasked! We are grateful to have her.


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