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October Editing

Happy Fall! We are, of course, only getting started with what is arguably the witchiest month of the year and excited to share news about THE LAST WITCH, our documentary about the successful efforts of middle school teacher Carrie LaPierre and her students to exonerate Elizabeth Johnson, Jr., the last of the convicted “witches” from the 1692 Salem Witch Trials.

Working with the filmed interviews, we are discovering more and more magic in the impact that civics education and middle school teachers have on their students. Ms. LaPierre’s students learned to stand up for people who are bullied because they are different. We feel that October is a perfect month to celebrate being yourself and standing up for those who are left out, which is what we are celebrating in our film.

This is what it looks like when we are working! Side by side with a video, Annika writes her notes and highlights a transcript to find the best comments that will weave a story. Here, Ms. LaPierre talks about how eighth graders don’t exactly share everything with their parents.

Can you relate?

Once the gems from the interviews have been selected we will put together a draft version of the film which will tell us what else we need to film. It’s going to be AMAZING!


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