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On the Kelly Clarkson Show

Our journey to make our documentary, THE LAST WITCH, continues. We are watching incredible footage of students, formerly of North Andover Middle School, as they share their experiences learning about working with “my man, the governor”, Senator Diana DiZoglio (now State Auditor) and many more as they persevered to exonerate Elizabeth Johnson Jr from her conviction as a witch. To think that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts still had someone (long dead) who was convicted since the 1692 Salem Witch Trials!

Thank you for being a part of our community!

It’s Our Kelly Clarkson Show Anniversary!

Elizabeth may no longer bear the burden of her sentence but the teachings from Ms. LaPierre’s civics class will continue for a lifetime. Her students have come to understand the value of Elizabeth’s life and to stand up for someone who needed support. More than that, they learned that the positive actions of one or more people can have an impact on our entire world. So much so that they were invited to be on TV!

That’s right, students Lilah and Kiley joined their teacher Carrie LaPierre on the Kelly Clarkson show talking about exonerating Elizabeth Johnson Jr as part of a show focusing on the International Day of the Girl Child. Of course, we were thrilled to let them use some of our footage from THE LAST WITCH.

Take a look at a clip from last year’s Kelly Clarkson Show as  they all share what they felt the impact was on some powerful issues that we face today. Listening to them gives us hope for the future, something we all need to embrace.

What is next? Salem, MA for Halloween!

Did you know that over 1 million people visited Salem for Halloween in 2022? It all started in 1982 when just 50,000 people came. Clearly there is still a connection between Salem and the supernatural.

Making THE LAST WITCH has led us to meet a number of fantastic people as we have made friends along the way. So many of them have told us to come to Massachusetts and Salem for Halloween, so that is what we will do.

We will be asking the question, how many of those millions of people know and understand the perils of the Salem Witch Trials the way that the North Andover students do? And how many embrace modern day witches the way that modern day Salem does? All of us are very curious to find out!


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