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Back From Salem

We went to


to film Halloween and fall for our documentary!

When we decided to film THE LAST WITCH in Massachusetts again for a few days, we had no idea what to expect. We knew that what we would capture would be exceptional, and we were not disappointed.

Often when we film we have a direct plan of what footage is needed to tell the story. This time, we had some idea (we wanted to film Ms LaPierre in Salem and students in North Andover) but exactly what we would capture would be a process of discovery as we continue to document the story about Elizabeth Johnson Jr (EJJ) as the last of the convicted from the Salem Witch Trials in 1692 and her impact on who we are today.

We visited Halloween parties, graveyards, nature and museums to uncover just how closely tied we are to past, present, future and how true the voice of EJJ rings for all of us.

A very special thank you to makeup artist Debra Macki!

Debra created the incredible witch (Annika) and ghost (Dawn) makeup that we were able to sport during Halloween. Great makeup artists are often underrated but as filmmakers we know their value in telling our stories. If you need to find someone who can help with special occasion or special effects makeup, reach out to Debra in Salem or in Los Angeles!

We went to the American Film Market

We are not ready to sell THE LAST WITCH for distribution yet (we have more work to do!), but we know how important it is to learn about domestic and international trends. There are few better places to learn more about that, than at the American Film Market, aka AFM, one of the world’s premiere markets for film sales and distribution. Thanks to the Center for Cultural Innovation for giving Annika a grant to attend!

We are featured in Ms. Magazine!

Earlier this month, Director Annika Hylmö and Producer Dawn Green were interviewed by Emmaline Kenny, who was writing an article for renowned Ms. Magazine.

We were asked about the process of discovering and following the story of how Carrie LaPierre and her students worked with then State Senator Diana DiZoglio to finally exonerate Elizabeth Johnson Jr of her 330 year conviction, and how critical it is to stand up for human rights and women’s voices today.

Take a look at the article HERE!

Meet our intern, Mon Castro Busto!

It takes a village to make a movie and that village includes interns! Born and raised in Mexico City, Mon moved to Los Angeles to get her MFA in Producing at the American Film Institute Conservatory. She has worked as an independent producer since her late teens, and her work has been screened all over the world.

Besides all things horror and camp, Mon is  interested in feminism, LGBTQIA+ stores, activism for animal rights, and history. Mon has joined the team of The Last Witch to support the crew, organize and keep track of paperwork, and help with research.

Welcome, Mon!

Thank You to Salem Witch Tours!

Thank you, Salem Witch Tours, for partnering with us and sharing part of your profits from your recent tours geared specifically toward children. We know everyone had fun and that there will be more tours coming next year.


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