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Exoneration Anniversary Day

Today is a momentous occasion. It marks a year since Elizabeth Johnson Jr. received her long-overdue exoneration on July 28, 2022 having been convicted on January 11, 1693, 329 years after her wrongful conviction during the Salem Witch Trials. As we reflect on this significant milestone, we also recognize the broader lessons and impacts this journey carries, particularly for our students and for women across generations. We are now 32% to our participation goal, please consider making a gift on this special day!

"The Last Witch" documentary doesn't merely retell a historical event—it amplifies the voice of a young woman silenced by prejudice and fear. Elizabeth's story serves as a potent reminder of the countless women throughout history who've faced persecution, bias, and ostracization. By bringing her story to the fore, we're not just honoring her memory but also elevating the narratives of women who've been marginalized, ensuring their stories aren't lost in the annals of history.

North Andover Middle School students, standing at the intersection of this movement, have garnered invaluable insights. They've recognized the perils of intolerance, experienced the power of collective action, and understood the significance of civic engagement. Furthermore, they've witnessed the importance of championing women's voices, ensuring they're heard, respected, and celebrated.

Yet, our mission is ongoing. Today, let's renew our commitment to fostering an environment where every individual, irrespective of their gender or background, is valued and understood. Let's inspire our students, our communities, and ourselves to actively engage with the world, to challenge biases, and to champion justice and understanding.

As we pause today to honor Elizabeth Johnson Jr., the lessons learned, and the strides taken, let's also envision the equitable and compassionate future we're weaving together. Thank you for being an integral part of this tapestry. 


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