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Halloween in Salem

We are in SALEM, MA!

We are thrilled to be here!!!

Did you know that the last timethat Massachusetts exonerated people convicted of witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials before Elizabeth Johnson Jr. was exonerated on July 28, 2022 was during Halloween in 2001?

If you are in Salem, please come by and say “hello” as we are filming.

You may even find yourself on camera!

How superstitious are you?

Salem has become a destination for people who identify as  modern day witches, Wiccans, intuitives, and psychics. We have people on our own team who are empaths, own tarot cards, and communicate with animals. We have people who belong to churches while some may be atheists.

 We embrace everyone’s right to identify, experience and express themselves, just like the students learned to do by working to exonerate Elizabeth Johnson Jr.

See you in Salem!


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